Financing Your First Business

Financing Your First Business

Three Tips For Making Tax Season Easier To Manage For Your Business

Jimmie Holland

Tax time can be stressful for anyone that is the owner or manager of a business. For those that are in the process of starting a business or have recently acquired one, there are some tips that you may want to start incorporating into your routine so that you minimize the burden that tax time can represent.

Keep Your Commercial And Personal Finances Separated

When individuals first start a business, it can be easy for their personal finances to mix with their business's. Yet this can make taxes extremely difficult as it will be time-consuming to fully separate these finances at the end of the year.

For this reason, you should create a separate bank account for your business. This account will allow you to more easily prove business-related expenses at the end of the year as the company's finances will not be intermingled with your own. In addition to making your business's taxes easier, this can also help you. The income from your business's activities may be counted as your personal income, which can result in you being in an artificially higher tax bracket.

Document Any Business Expenses

There is a large number of routine expenses that you will need to pay in order to keep your business running. Unfortunately, people will often fail to understand the importance of thoroughly documenting these costs. When filing your taxes, there is a strong chance that the government will want to see evidence to verify any deductions that you are claiming. By retaining the receipts to business expenses, you can easily provide the necessary proof to have your deduction approved.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen, which may result in the destruction of these documents. Due to the importance of these documents, you may want to keep them in a safe location, such as a fireproof safe or safe deposit box. Also, backing up this information to a cloud storage service could prove invaluable in reconstructing your documents if a catastrophe were to occur.

Update Your Records Regularly

Preparing the various documents that are necessary to file your company's taxes can be extremely difficult if you have allowed them to become disorganized over the course of the year. To minimize the time that you must spend doing this task, you should consider scheduling at least one day every couple of months to organizing this paperwork. While you may not like the idea of regularly spending time working on this filing and organizing, it can greatly improve your efficiency when tax season arrives. 


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