Financing Your First Business

Financing Your First Business

Finding Coins To Add To Your Collection Without Leaving Town

Jimmie Holland

If you recently started collecting coins, you are most likely excited at the prospect of adding new ones to your collection whenever you can. If you do not have the funds to go online or to a coin store to make a purchase, there is a chance of finding coins within your own town while doing your routine daily activities. Here are a few places to consider when searching for coins to add to your collection.

Check Coin Containers In Stores And Diners

Many convenience stores and eating establishments will provide customers with a small dish of coins by the cash register. This is there so someone can take a coin or two if they do not have exact change for their bill. Those who receive change may put their coins in this dish so others can use them if needed. Take a gander in this dish when you visit establishments that have one available. If you notice a coin you would like to add to your collection, politely inform the cash register attendant that you will swap one of your own coins for the one you desire. 

Use Dollars When Making Purchases

It is wise to use paper money when you make purchases around town. This will give you the chance to possibly receive a coin you desire within the change you receive. When you use a soda or snack machine, make sure you use paper money for your purchase, as people who do not collect coins may have placed interesting ones into the machine for their own purchases.

Try Exchanging Money At The Bank

Many people bring coins to the bank to exchange for paper money. You can try the same type of procedure yourself. Ask the bank teller for a new roll of coins in exchange for paper money. Keep a bunch of coin wrappers on hand so you can quickly re-wrap coins after you check out the contents of the roll you receive. You can then bring it back to the bank and ask for a new roll of coins in exchange for this one. This can be done as much as you wish, and may give you some interesting coins as a result.

Purchase A Metal Detector

A metal detector can be used to find coins that people lost on the ground. This can be brought with you when you go on vacations, and you can try searching for coins in areas where people frequent often, such as parks, beaches, or underneath bleachers. Ask friends and neighbors if you can use it on their property. You may even find a treasure right in your own backyard!

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