Financing Your First Business

Financing Your First Business

Bail Bonding: More Unusual Situations Regarding The Job

Jimmie Holland

If you need a bail bond in the U.S., there is not a city or state where you cannot get what you need. Most bail bond agents work near a courthouse, but there are some more unusual aspects to the job. Some of these situations may surprise you. If you are considering a career in the bail bond industry, here are a few things you should know.

​Only in the United States

Only in the United States do bail bonding agents exist and work for profit. It is banned and illegal in all other countries in the world, including Canada, England, and even South and Latin American countries. This means that if someone is charged with a crime, even a minor one, and jailed abroad, a United States bail bond agent cannot provide bail unless he or she is a relative. Ergo, if you want to work in this industry and make a career of it, it is not a career you can easily transfer abroad.

Working for the Government

​Military branches have their own internal legal system. Bail bonds for military personnel and their spouses run a little bit differently than bail bonds for civilians. The profit margins as a bail bond agent contracted by the military is a little bit higher, but that also depends on the crimes of the accused, the profile of the case, and the branch of the military. More often than not, the military might hire a bail bond agent to work as a bounty hunter, since bounty hunters can track people down in places and ways the military and civilian police officers cannot. (It is something to consider when you are on the fence about adding "bounty hunter" to your bail bond agent resume and services.)

​Carrying or Not Carrying a Firearm

​As a bail bond agent, you do not have to carry a firearm. As a bounty hunter in conjunction with being a bail bond agent, you do not have to carry a firearm. However, there may be instances when having a firearm is convenient. You may even want to consider wearing a bulletproof vest when you head out to apprehend someone. Before you carry a side piece, though, just make sure the gun that you will be using while on the job is completely legal to have and carry in public to avoid any legal issues of your own. 

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